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The Story

Simply put? We are a group of readers from around the globe that enjoy reading together.  We met online in May during the global pandemic and decided to read together both to show support for each other as humans during a difficult time but also because we all loved reading.


We have been running our book club for around 6 months now and it's been really supportive and great - we decided its time for us to make a blog where we can share with the world what we read and our recommendations and opinions on books. We normally read a book or two a week and we decide around the 20th of each month our books to read for the following month via Zoom meetings.

We mostly read YA but we do sometimes pick Adult reads in particular for fantasy and sci-fi. If you are interested in being part of a global book club - feel free to drop us a message.



Nicole is an avid reader of all things fantasy, romance and adventure. At the present, Nicole lives and works in the United Kingdom.  You will often find Nicole with her head in a book, with a lovely, steaming cup of tea. Favourite genres:

  • Young Adult fantasy

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy


Some favourite authors include: Sarah J Maas and Maria Snyder.

When I am not busy reading or reviewing a book I could often be found playing Age of Empires 2 or the SIMS4.

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Farah is an Egyptian YA blogger & bookstagrammer, living in Qatar who is passionate about reading and blogging and all sorts of bookish things! Favourite genres are:

  • Young Adult

  • SCI-FI


My ideal day consists of snuggling up with a ridiculously fluffy blanket and binge-reading something ridiculously fluffy or fantasy book.

When I'm not reading, you'll find me playing video games or watching movies!

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Ashley is a reader of all things fantasy, adventure, thriller, and mystery. At this time Ashley lives in Colorado in the United States. You’ll often find Ashley with a cup of coffee.

Favorite Genres: 

  • Young Adult Fantasy

  • Thriller & Mystery

Some favorite authors: Cassandra Clare, Kerri Maniscalco

When I’m not busy reading you’ll often find me doing homework or working. I love the outdoors when I have a chance to get out there.

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Angie is on a constant search for books about dystopian futures, frightening crimes, and star crossed adventures. She lives in California, but sadly nowhere near the beach. She's usually drinking caffeine in varied forms.

Favorite genres:

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Mystery/Thriller

When I'm not reading, you'll often find me working as a mental health clinician, playing video games, or trying out new hobbies... most recently, I've decided to learn how to knit.

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