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Pursuit : Moonshadow Academy Year 1

Pursuit: Moonshadow Academy Year 1 by Finley Knight

Author: Finley Knight

Published by: Amazon Kindle/Self Published on 30th November 2020

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Young Adult / Paranormal / Magical Academy

*I would like to thank the author for providing me an advanced review copy of this book. This is no way influenced my review*


Veronica “Ronnie" Moon’s father was known as one of the best Nightwatchers around. When he mysteriously disappears during a mission, Ronnie's sole purpose is to find out what happened to him.

Enter Moonshadow Academy: the school for young mages training to become licensed Nightwatchers

Here, Ronnie will put her skills to the test. But she’ll have to face more than just elemental magic lessons, self-defense training and weapons forging. Students are going missing, demons are invading, and a traitor might be hiding at the academy. Could everything be related to her father’s disappearance? Ronnie’s in pursuit to find out!

Pursuit is book one in the Moonshadow Academy series; a YA/NA Supernatural Urban Fantasy series full of magic, demons and sarcasm. Join Ronnie on this action-packed tale of good versus evil.


  • This book has it all! Mages? Check. Magical Academies? Check. Baddass heroines with a group of diverse and wonderful friends? Check. A sexy and mysterious love interest that will sweep you off your feet? Yes! Also, that is very literal since he has elements of wind magic!

  • This book is perfect for lovers of academy/magical high school romance. It's a very clean book to read, with good wholesome friendships and relationships.

  • Veronica Moon or Ronnie as she most commonly referred to in the book wants to become a Nightwatcher which is essentially a mage that fights demons and keeps the world safe. She also wants to solve the mystery of what happened to her father all those years ago.

  • Action, romance, humour, and mystery are some of the key ingredients of this book.


Ronnie Moon - our protagonist that has cool teleportation powers. Ronnie is a lovely character to read about because she is imperfect. Throughout the story, she has some struggles with her magic, but always keeps her chin up and thinks positively of people. She is quick to make friends and someone I would want to be my friend. Strong, independent but also a compassionate character.

Desmond Dawn - Is he good? Does he have his own intentions? He is the most powerful first-year mage at the academy. He has this wonderful element of mystery that makes you want to know more. His relationship with Ronnie is lovely because there are no bad/abusive behaviours that most often (sadly) can become romanticized in YA these days.

Ronnie’s friends also add a lot of depth to the story. The author adds a lot of diverse individuals and you can see that they took their time in breathing life into each and every one of them.


The main story revolves around Ronnie becoming a more powerful mage and investigating some strange disappearances happening at the magic academy. Ronnie tries to get points to increase her ranking in the academy, meanwhile following the clues to discover what happened to her father all these years ago. Ronnie is also intrigued as to what makes Desmond ( another mage at the academy) so powerful.

The world-building is very atmospheric but leaves the reader to fill in the setting. A magical academy was very easy for the reader to imagine the different training rooms that Ronnie and her friends use, the mysterious forest/lake that they visit, and the interesting magical professors that Ronnie learns from. I quite like it that I could use the freedom of my imagination to build this world in my head.


I really enjoyed reading this story. I think because it was a nice and straightforward story, I could read it both when I was relaxing after work or if I had a stressful day.

It's a good book to keep in your pocket for when you have a spare few minutes. It was a very calming and relaxing read and I am looking forward to future works by the author.

Have you read Pursuit: Moonshadow Academy Year 1 yet?

Let me know in the comments!

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