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Kindle Unlimited Reads: Taken I- The Coldest Fae

Wow its been a while! With the world possibly opening up I decided to re-subscribe to kindle unlimited. With the amount of new shiny books I will be looking at shops, I thought it be sensible to read more kindle unlimited books while I have the subscription ( budgeting and being an adult yawn).

One of the books that I stumbled across was Taken by Katerina Martinez. Best way I can describe this book is ‘The Selection’ meets ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ with a dash of ‘Cinderella’.

So if you want a sweet fantasy with a relatable main character and an adorable pixie side- kick this book will be for you. Lets get to it!

Taken I- The Coldest Fae by Katerina Martinez

Author: Katerina Martinez

Published by: Supernal Publishing on January 1st, 2021

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Young Adult // Fantasy


In Arcadia, winter has no heart.

I make magic dresses for a living. I’m not rich or pretty enough to wear them, but I love what I do, working out of my family’s shop on Carnaby Street in London—until the fae show up.

It’s a straight-up kidnapping, and before I know it, I’m brought to this wintry place of cold hearts and beautiful nightmares, but that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is, they think I’m fae, and I’m supposed to participate in some competition against a host of other women who have been training their whole lives for this. The prize? The winner is to marry the Prince.

On the surface that sounds almost like a fairytale, only this competition is brutal and bloody, and the Prince is the jerk that kidnapped me. I can’t get too close to him or he’ll know I’m not fae, and then I’m dead. But I want to get close to him. His body burns with the fire of a cold star, and I’m drawn to him.

I need to fight the pull and survive long enough to find a way out of here, but these winter fae won’t make that easy.

My Thoughts

I think the main thing that attracted me to this book is how simple the concept is. A normal girl get abducted by the fae and has to battle in a magic contest. I don’t know about you, but these past two years have dragged for me and my attention span gets shorter and shorter ( now back at work as well).

The protagonist loves making magical dresses - she has a hobby! She is relatable. Also she struggles with anxiety and for once I loved that the heroine was not head strong amazing ( cough cough Throne of Glass Celeana cough cough). As someone that has worrying thoughts myself, it was nice to read about a character that is not all perfect Mrs.Confident.


This is a nice fairytale story start. It has cute animals, a daring prince and a relatable protagonist. Its one of those books you would snuggle up with when its raining and you just want to be somewhere else for a few hours.

Is it something I might continue? Not sure. There are so many fairytale romances out there in the world of kindle that when I ever get to Book 2 ( I don't like to binge read books after doing it with Throne of Glass in the space of about 3 days) I would probably forget enough to not bother or forget enough and still makes sense of the story! We see how it goes!

This post was written in loving memory of grandma September 15 1938 to May 17th 2021. Taken but not forgotten.

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