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Book Review: Cover Your Tracks By Daco S. Auffenorde

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Cover Your Tracks by Daco S. Auffenorde

Author: Draco S. Auffenorde

Published: Turner Publishing Company on 20th of October 2020

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Thriller

*This review is spoiler-free. I would like to thank the author for providing me with an advanced reader copy of this book. This has in no way influenced my review of the book.*

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Margo Fletcher, eight months pregnant, is travelling by train from Chicago to Spokane, her childhood home. While passing through an isolated portion of the Rockies in blizzard conditions, the train unexpectedly brakes. Up ahead, deadly snow from a massive avalanche plummets down the mountain. Despite the conductor's order for the passengers to stay seated, former Army Ranger Nick Eliot insists that survival depends on moving to the back of the train. Only Margo believes him. They take refuge in the last train car, which Nick heroically uncouples in time to avoid the avalanche. The rest of the train is hurled down the mountainside and is soon lost forever in a blanket of snow. Margo and Nick, the sole survivors, are stranded in the snowstorm without food, water, or heat. Rescuers might not arrive for days.

When the weather turns violent again, the pair must flee the shelter of the passenger car and run for their lives into the wilderness. They must fend off the deadly cold as well as predatory wild animals foraging for food. Eventually, Nick leads Margo to shelter in a watchtower atop a mountain. There, we learn that both Margo and Nick have secrets that have brought them together and threaten to destroy them.

Cover Your Tracks is a chilling story of love and hate, the devastating power of nature, and the will to survive.

Now to the good stuff:

This book has a slightly different feel than most thrillers, you start to learn more about the characters. You learn more about their childhood and how they grow up, what they struggled with, and more about them as a whole. It also makes you a lot more invested in those characters than in most thrillers.

This book I imagined would focus on the survival of being stranded on a mountain top, with one character 8 months pregnant. Let me just say that is the tip of the iceberg, and the part of the iceberg that is below the water holds all of the other subplots.

Everything that was mentioned about the character's past comes together in one form or another. I kept flipping to confirm-was that Olivia, or was that JJ. Most of the twists kept me on toes, I had no idea how this book would end. Margo is a strong level headed doctor who has seen death but continues to see the best in people. Nick has a troubled past that only got worse in his adulthood, with possible mental illness.

This book didn’t focus on the world-building, you’re thrown headfirst into the storyline, starting right before the train derails.

This book had a couple of slower chapters in the middle when we were learning more about the past for each character. It didn’t last long, but part of me wanted to skip ahead, though I am very happy I didn’t.

I loved learning about our characters, it made me a lot more connected to them. So in the end I was deeply conflicted about how to feel about the characters. I also love that I didn’t see the plot twist coming, I read a lot of thriller books, so I can normally figure out what was going on. However, with this one, I saw a couple of the twists, but not even close to all of them.

I gave this book a 10 out of 10! It comes out October 20, 2020, and would be the perfect book to cozy up with as the weather gets cold. Especially if the snow is falling outside!

Have you had the chance to read Cover Your Tracks?

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happy reading!

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