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Books I Recently Did Not Finish

Okay, due to popular demand on Instagram and your votes, here are the books I DNF'd recently and why.

I personally don't have a problem DNFing books and don't like forcing myself to read something I'm not enjoying just because the ending might be worth it or it gets better in the next books.

This post has turned into a rant review - sorry in advance lol

A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

For this book, I only read until @50% and then gave up.

Nothing is literally happening. I was bored out of my mind. There is no connection at all between the main characters as well.

Where is the angsty?

where is the romance between them?

This book is unnecessarily repetitive and contradicts itself every other page. Generally, the entire thing felt like an underdeveloped draft in any shape or form.

The entire premise of the MC wanting to "help her village" was a plot hole, since, as I understood it, the village didn't necessarily need her, with her taking up her magical role (or whatever). Didn't they just get sick because the" Human Queen" (ugh) wasn't where she was supposed to be? Which will sort itself out, when she is where she should be, right...? This entire setup didn't make sense, really, at least not to me.

I really tried to get through this because the premise was right up my alley, but eventually, this story really didn't intrigue me at all and the execution was rather disappointing.

Nah, can't continue anymore.


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Another unpopular opinion but I really could not finish this book. Tried reading the ebook, physical book, and audio and still can't get myself to finish it.

Everything was just so boring. I don't even know what is the plot. It's lost with all the characters and their background stories and their inner thoughts. DID I SAY I WAS BORED?

and why were there still so many flashbacks??? yes, I get that it was important for the character development, especially for Wylan's and Jesper's -- which I didn't mind, but I'm just wondering considering how the first book was basically flashbacks, you'd think there wouldn't be more here than the first book?????? At least that's how it felt for me. and literally, every one of them had a sob story, which honestly is pretty annoying. Like can't we learn more about them without having to read about a past that's obviously trying to make us feel bad?? I usually don't mind sob stories, but why on earth did every. single. one of the Crows have to have one???


A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

I mean what did I really expect going into this? I can't help laughing, you guys this book was horrible!

First, was there a plot??? There was none. Literally nothing. Okay, we had some basic plotlines thrown in here and there, but for the most part, it was just the Inner Circle hanging around and talking about random shit. And it was boring. (can you see a pattern here?). I don't even know what the point of this book was.

AND OMG THE SMUT. I understand that Rhys and Feyre love each other and whatever, but if you want to write about them constantly doing it please do it on your own time. No one wants to read this, least of all me. I thought it was fine in A Court of Mist and Fury because the scenes were well placed and really contributed to character development and in this book? According to my friends, it's more than half the book. No, thank you (and I love smut but this is just too much).

So yea this wasn't for me and had to DNF it.


Scythe by Neal Shusterman

This had an incredibly unique premise. Sanctioned murders?? Not really a concept a lot of YA authors have tackled so you could only imagine my excitement. The problem is, as you read it turns into some contrived apprenticeship with no real feelings or depth and also boring and made no sense.

The fact that Scythes could "cull" using barbaric instruments like FLAME THROWERS and knives and were trained in fighting (why?? No one fights them!) when they are supposed to just be a means of population control made no sense in the world. If they are going to do all of this "justified" killing, they should just use those fast-acting lethal pills that they were given. Why torture people in the name of the law?? It made no sense.

Also, if they have to kill a certain percentage of the population, why not, I don't know, NOT BRING PEOPLE BACK FROM NEARLY DYING? They had people jumping off the building for fun- let those people die!

In the end, I just really didn't enjoy the story and had no issues DNF-ing about 1/2 way through. Far enough for me.


Kulti by Mariana Zapata

So I finished this book an hour ago and had to edit this post and add it. It's horrible.

NOPE, CAN'T DO IT! I'm DNFing this book.

I'm so annoyed by the main character. Is she 12 years old or 27? Heck, a 12-year-old would be more mature than her. Sal used to be obsessed with Kulti, to the point she had his pictures all of her room and three birthday cakes in a row with his face on them. That's fine, everyone has their own obsession.

But my gosh, to get over her crush over him, she keeps thinking of poop, and him pissing himself... POOP AND PISS WHAT THE HECK????

I searched on my kindle and she said poop 71 times. Not only that but she keeps thinking about:

- Fart

- Peeing in a urinal

- Clog the toilet amount of POOP


You might ask yourself, why would she be thinking this way and acting like a child? The answer is because she wants to distract herself and how hot he is -_- Is that supposed to be funny? Was I supposed to be laughing and how quirky the main character is?

I liked Sal's character but her obsession with her thinking poop pee poop all the time was so annoying. I mean she's 27 and she's so grown up in every other aspect taking the high road, but why with the poop pee poo. No, thank you.

How do you feel about DNFing books? What's the last book you did not finish?

Let me know below!

happy reading 🖤

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